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Your Real Body Pilates are here to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's to be moving pain-free, to rehabilitate after an injury or illness or whether you want to improve your power and performance in the sport you practice.

Utilising the purpose-built equipment you see on these pages, your body's movements are analysed and then broken down to allow natural, functional movements to occur, resulting in more flow, ease of movement, less pain and improved performance.

1-1 or Group Class?

I support clients with 1 to1 or 1 to 2 sessions in my studio, but I also offer local group pilates classes. If that is what you are looking for, please click the button below for more details. So why choose individual over group sessions? The main reason is that you'll have my undivided attention, so we can work on whatever areas you need and develop a programme just for you, without interruption. I have found that anyone recovering from illness or an operation much prefers a 1 to1 session. I also recommend a 1 to1 session for those who are new to pilates, before joining a group class.


Are you still searching for the answers to your pain issues?

Maybe it’s a pain you’ve had for many years or maybe one that’s only recently developed. You may have tried many different treatment options from mainstream medication through to alternative therapies but the pain is still persisting.

You need something that targets the pain right at its source and that is exactly what Rossiter Stretching is all about.

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